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BOHOBOCO fashion show autumn winter 2015/2016

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


BOHOBOCO, or the duo of talented Polish designers Kamil Owczarek and Michał Gilbert Lach. They create regular collections for every season since 2011. Hardworking and humble, on their FB profile you can not find a million selfies (thankfully!).


EXPO. Big spaces, so you can afford to make a really great show. The decor of crude stored in geometric forms. There were no unnecessary elements. Disappeared rigid boundary between coasting and places for the public. And it was beautiful! Models walked appointed a winding route (250 m runway !!!) beating (even) steps. No boredom, unpredictability. I was sitting “in the corner” room, seemed to me that I wouldn’t be able to see anything. As it turned out later, the model went literally next to me! A huge plus for that!

What suprised me

1) The wonderful colors of clothes! The winter show, and in it – attention – pastels, powdery pinks, blues, dark blue, silver.

2) Show closed the 80-year-old actress Helena Norowicz, the second face the last campaign of the brand. It was accompanied by a huge wave of applause! She was walking freely with his hand in his pocket. Bravo!

What caught my attention

Refinement and perfectionism. Every detail pampered. I’m not talking only about the collection, I’m talking about the whole concept.


Wool. As designers said right after the show – “unwritten title of this collection and the direction that we have chosen for our projects, the” queen of wool. ‘”

Tulle and muslin are presented with cashmere and mohair, call fairly obvious and seemingly contradictory. Effect? Delicious!


40’s and 70’s.


They had a difficult task. Dressed in long dresses, they included the stairs in heels. Most of the dresses is not raised up to make it easier to input, I was shaking when I saw it … I trembled with every their step.

Graphite-colored fingernails great fit into every styling.

Combed loose ponies, make up a very fresh and delicate, which is something I love and I always say that less is more.

Let there be too sweet, for which minus??

For a delay, rather large.

What I want to see in my closet? ?





What is a woman dressed in this collection?

Delicate and sensual at the same time. Very feminine. When she wants, she is shy, to reveal in a moment a little more … certainly not vulgar. Everything shown has its own class. Like the designers. Congratulations!


Photo by Filip Okopnybohobocoaw201516_06 bohobocoaw201516_07 bohobocoaw201516_08 bohobocoaw201516_09

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